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    ?? Lens business division is mainly engaged in the processing of high-precision optical lenses. Our products are widely used in the field of projection display, digital imaging, video surveillance & control system , vehicle camera system, and used in emerging consumer electronic products, etc. The processing and testing equipments are mainly imported from Japan and South Korea, we can manufacture various kinds of optical lenses with different shapes, special materials and different precision requirements. The monthly production capacity is over 7 million pcs.
    ?? Technical capability: Outer diameter normally φ 2.5 - φ 120, also can process φ120 - φ500 ultra-large diameter optics; R value 2 - ∞; Surface accuracy: within 0.25; Eccentricity: within 30s.
    ?? Our core technology specialized in the major processes such as coating, bonding, painting and with quality assurance ability, we can manufacture optical components which applied in various fields and meet the strictly requirements of high durability and high reliability environmental testing.
    ?? Current customers: We have cooperated with well-known enterprises in this industry for many years, such as Epson, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and other international well-known enterprises. We were awarded “The best supplier” by Epson company for many years, and were given “The best supplier” award of Canon for consecutive four years.
    ?? Uphold the principle of win-win cooperation, Lens business division would like to push the rapid development of your’s with our high-quality products and good service, to gain mutual benefit together.
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    TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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